What is Genetic Improvement?

Genetic Improvement is the application of evolutionary and search-based optimisation methods to the improvement of existing software. For example, it may be used to automate the process of bug-fixing or execution time optimisation.

What is GI 2015?

logo-2015GI 2015 is a  workshop to be held in conjunction with GECCO 2015.

Who is behind GI 2015?

The initial organising team consists of Dr W.B. Langdon, Dr Justyna Petke (at UCL), and Dr David R. White (the University of Glasgow).

What is the motivation for GI 2015?

Lately there has been enormous interest in the use of evolutionary and genetic search in optimising aspects of software engineering. For example, since GECCO 2002 there has been an Search-Based Software Engineering track at GECCO. More recently there has been a dedicated SSBSE conference.  Indeed we now see regional conferences featuring or even dedicated to Search Based Software Engineering starting (in Brazil and now the USA).

Including “to appear”, since 2000, there have been 70 papers in this area:


Since 2009 there have been three human competitive awards (Gold, sliver and bronze) presented at GECCO and two best papers, including one in the International Conference on Software Engineering.

How can I find out more?

Email us, or follow us on Twitter.